Miscellaneous toy cleaners

Miscellaneous toy cleaners3 Products

Frolic Toy Lubricant- 3.3 oz. Frolic Toy Lubricant- 3.3 oz.

Frolic is specially designed for use with toys. This unscented water-based and glycerin-free formula provides incredible thickness to get the lubrication where you need and not everywhere else. Frolic means no more runny, gooey mess that needs to be cleaned before the fun even begins. Frolic is highly concentrated and...
UR3 Refresh Powder - 1 oz. UR3 Refresh Powder - 1 oz.

Keep your treasured toys CLEAN and FRESH! Introducing our new UR3 Refresh Powder, specifically formulated for superior sex toy maintenance. This UR3 refreshing powder will help restore and maintain all of your favorite UR3 products, making it feel like the first time over and over again. Easy-to-dispense powder can be...
Jo Unisex Revitalize Toy Powder - 2 Oz. Jo Unisex Revitalize Toy Powder - 2 Oz.

Take care of your intimate items with JO REVITALIZE TOY POWDER. Simply clean, dry and then dust toy with a thin layering of powder before storing. Helps keep that 'like new' feel and stops toys from becoming sticky or oily.Product Details: Realistic: No Size/Circumference: 0.000


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