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Lovebotz Saddle Deluxe Lovebotz Saddle Deluxe

$807.10 $942.50
Height: 0.000Length: 0.000Diameter: 0.000This is definitely not our first rodeo! Introducing the LoveBotz Saddle Deluxe, a high-powered piece of vibrating machinery that will take you on the ride of your life, now featuring two different attachments! One is a dildo with a smooth shaft and a bulbous head, perfect for...
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Lovebotz Love Glider Penetration Machine Lovebotz Love Glider Penetration Machine

$530.98 $591.40
Height: 23.000Length: 27.000Diameter: 16.000The Love Glider is the most comfortable stimulating ride you will ever have! Just have a seat on the padded thigh rests, position yourself over the dildo, and use your own body movement to control the thrusting speed and depth. Experience the epic orgasms that can only...
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Lovebotz Jaxx Hammer 2.0 Rechargeable Sex Machine Lovebotz Jaxx Hammer 2.0 Rechargeable Sex Machine

$126.78 $138.38
Height: 22.500Length: 6.750Diameter: 4.500Introducing the Jaxxx Hammer 2.0, an updated design for fucking yourself or watching your partner get pounded. With four vibration intensities and two new rhythmic settings, you can experiment with further levels of satisfaction with this rechargeable sex machine. Three thrusting speeds allow you to get the...
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Height: 11.500Length: 21.000Diameter: 10.000This versatile fucking machine comes equipped with an adjustable speed remote, so you get to choose your ideal thrusting level at the turn of a dial. The angle and height of penetration can quickly be adjusted with easy twist knobs located on the frame. Comes with two...
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Lovebotz Thrust Bot Handheld Multi Speed Sex Machine Lovebotz Thrust Bot Handheld Multi Speed Sex Machine

$190.31 $214.50
Height: 18.000Length: 5.500Diameter: 3.500You have never felt anything like the intense thrusting power of this sex saw! This all-inclusive package has everything you need to get pounded by a veiny dildo at up to 2000 RPM. Your trigger-pull controls the speed so you can play with slow, sensual screwing or...
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Lovebotz Versa Fuk Sex Machine Lovebotz Versa Fuk Sex Machine

$624.92 $712.57
Height: 16.500Length: 22.500Diameter: 8.500Versa Fuk Sex Machine by Love Botz. Welcome to a truly versatile sex machine that lets you enjoy countless position possibilities. This sexy machine has the ability to be tilted horizontally or vertically so you can be taken from multiple angles! This thrusting powerhouse comes with a...


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