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Naturally Yours natural flavored is a premium carrageenan based formula that combines only the best natural ingredients available. By doing this we have created a high performance lubricant that simulates a woman own lubrication in the purest form. Naturally Yours does not contain any silicone parabens or any other harsh chemicals. Naturally Yours is pH balanced gentle silky soft non-irritating and provides continual moisture as it mixes with the bodys own natural fluids. Can be used as often needed and is absolutely one of the cleanest lubricant available. This is a water based lubricant designed to never be sticky tacky or leave a residue on your skin. Latex compatible.

Special Feature: Vegan and Kosher certified.

How to use: Apply desired amount of lubricant to area of the body you wish to lubricate.
How to clean: Easily washes away with warm water.
Purpose: Supplement your natural moisture and enhance intimacy.

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